Family Office Services

Those families who do not wish to maintain their own family office can have access to all the essential financial coordination benefits of a dedicated family office from Figer & Company without compromising competence, performance or scope of services. Utilizing the same important combination of in-office skills and outside professional consultants that a single-family office would use, our firm serves a limited number of client families and maintains complete and highly confidential knowledge of their overall financial situations, their ongoing distinctive needs and their identified family objectives


The greatest value of a family office is to coordinate all of the various professional disciplines necessary to manage the financial affairs of a family. The assets of the family are much more efficiently and effectively managed by one overseeing organization. 

Integrated Planning

·         Coordination of External Advisors

·         Financial Planning

·         Tax Planning

·         Estate Planning

·         Succession Planning


Financial Accounting/Reporting

·         Consolidated Net Worth

·         Performance Reporting

·         Partnership Accounting

·         Tax Preparation


Family Continuity

·         Family Meeting Organization & Facilitation

·         Coordination, Coaching and/or Counseling



·         Bill Paying, Administrative Services

·         Budgeting and Cash Flow

·         Advising Executives and/or Board of Directors

·         Litigation Support

·         Trust Administration

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